Shop At Golden Pond Water Plants

We have created this online shop for you, our valued customers, for use during the Covid-19 crisis. We are only open for will call pick up and delivery. We know you all enjoy visiting with us and wandering about Golden Pond, a place we feel is our little botanical garden and not your traditional nursery. So, think of this online shop as a way to be at the nursery without actually physically being there. Use our online shop to peruse our current inventory of aquatics, perennials, and other merchandise. We offer you the same personalized service as always and encourage you to call us about your pond issues so we can help you select the right plants for the right time.

Pond Art By GLO

Done by a local Placer County artist who hand paints these pond art gems, you can select from the products displayed online to custom order your very own art piece. The piece is commissioned upon receipt of your order online or by phone. Since these pieces are designed and painted by hand, it may take up to 10 business days to create the custom piece you have selected.

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