Reclaiming and Recycling in Loomis, CA

Golden Pond Water Plants of Loomis, CA is a water garden nursery providing freshwater plants and flowers perfect for creating elegant water features and garden ponds.

Golden Pond Water Plants takes pride in reclaiming and recycling items that would normally end up in the local landfill. As plant design visionaries, we incorporate materials that are no longer needed or serviceable, or are obsolete into our water feature designs to create soothing and peaceful water sounds to complement any backyard environment.

As lovely contributions to our features and displays, Golden Pond Water Plants has a remarkable variety of freshwater aquatic plants and tropical floating plants for ponds and water gardens available at our “botanical garden” in Loomis, CA. Our property showcases a number of water features, ponds, and water gardens designed to inspire you to create your own reclaimed feature for use in your pond or garden. Our dazzling and appealing features and plant displays will touch your sense of “Zen” and inspire you to develop your very own backyard water escape, or to sculpt an already existing pond or water garden into a peaceful personal retreat. Whether you’re seeking hardy night-blooming lilies or rare perennials, we are prepared to help you plan a thriving, well-stocked water feature of your own.

To learn more about how we can transform your outdoor spaces with one-of-a-kind ponds and aquatic plants, please contact us today by calling 916-652-5459 or reach out to us via our web form.