Freshwater Aquatic Plants in Our Nursery

Golden Pond Water Plants offers more than 200 varieties of aquatic and terrestrial plants for ponds.

We propagate a majority of the plants on display and for sale at our “botanical garden.” We take pride in offering you propagated plants that are healthy, beautiful, and affordably priced. We are conveniently located in the Sacramento area, and are easily accessible for pond and water garden enthusiasts hailing from the Bay area or from Reno, Nevada.

Using her intuitive artistic vision, Sue selects and combines unique and extraordinary grasses, perennials, small trees and shrubs, to create innovative and inspired plant designs which are compatible with backyard ponds and water gardens, as well as other wet locations.

Some of the aquatic plants and water flowers we offer include:

  • Hardy day- and night-blooming tropical water lilies
  • Lotus
  • Floating plants
  • Marginal aquatics
  • Bog-loving perennials
  • Filtration plants
  • Oxygenates (Oxygenators)
  • Trees and shrubs for wet sites
  • Unusual perennials
  • Ornamental grasses

We carry a number of supplies useful for every water gardener, from pond planting materials to natural filter systems, and more.

We specialize in effectively troubleshooting common pond problems, which frequently can be addressed through the proper selection and placement of filtration plants. We offer our koi pond customers innovative floating island solutions which add cover, beauty, color, and filtration for the koi pond, a win-win for both pond and fish lovers! You can review examples of our custom floating islands and learn more about them under the tab “Floating Islands.”

Best of all, we offer creative water feature designs which utilize our plants and incorporate recycled items which you probably have in your own garage or backyard. Golden Pond Water Plants wants to inspire your inner creative muse and will help you to design and plant the pond or water garden of your dreams!

Our tropical ponds are now displayed to your right as you enter our “botanical garden.” Feel free to wander over to those ponds where you will see the Victoria lily, the largest lily in the world and native to the Amazon River. The Victoria lily blooms are white the first night and then pink on the second night. The tropical ponds display beautiful deep blues and red tropical lilies, as well as the delicate mosaic plant.

Whether you’re just starting water gardening or are an experienced gardener with many ponds and would like to learn more learn more or have a complete design specifically for your interests, Golden Pond Water Plants can help make it all happen.

For more information about the aquatic plants we have available, please contact us today by calling 916-652-5459 or reach out to us via our web form.