An Outhouse Like No Other…


Our clients often travel many miles, and some for many hours, to visit our specialty nursery. Soon after their arrival, many of these same clients need to use a restroom to freshen up. For years, this need went more or less unnoticed by all of us at Golden Pond Aquatic Nursery in Loomis, CA. For fifteen years we had a rustic little outhouse that was erected for use as a toilet for both workers and our customers alike. It was big on history and no so big on comfort or style. It served a valuable purpose until it literally collapsed last winter due to old age and the elements.

When clients were being sent down the road to the nearest restroom, we knew we needed to put another bathroom up fast. We didn’t want the same style of shanty and really wanted something special this time, something that reflected our vision and us. A wonderful place a guest could relax in, that was comfortable, with fresh air and connected with the nursery by plants, water and architecture. We wanted a bathroom that actually invited folks to linger and even encourage them to stop by the nursery to visit, shop and to use the new facilities.

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From the drawing board to completion, we spent almost 3 months constructing this new bathroom. It is 16ft x 20ft and made of mostly cedar and redwood, new and reclaimed, and a variety of river cobbles and stone. The central feature within is a grand open air wooden structure that is enhanced by several key design elements, either incorporated or created from scratch, including; a lush fifty foot tall redwood tree, a custom water feature spreading water down both sides of a galvanized roof onto polished stones adjacent to both sides of the toilet seating area and a corner water feature containing numerous visually appealing aquatic plants. Our bathroom is cooling, soothing and makes a lovely rainfall sound that is not too loud, but is just right to encourage the occupant to relax and to become immersed in the experience.

We set out to create something truly unique, a special retreat that a patron may only visit for a few minutes, but that will leave them with a lasting impression of a place where, when nature calls, they smile and will answer gladly.