Pondscaping Services Near Loomis, CA

Golden Pond Water Plants of Loomis, CA provides unique pondscaping services for ponds and aquatic gardens with a diverse nursery of over 200 aquatic and terrestrial plants.

Nothing quite so completes a landscape as a garden pond teeming with blooming aquatic plants. At Golden Pond Water Plants, we offer personal consultations to accommodate the creation or replanting of any aquatic garden throughout the Northern California region. Our nursery of over 200 different varieties of hardy water plants allows us to craft every detail of the pond, from initial planting to filtration necessities — all supported by decades of experience bringing aquatic gardens to perfection. In addition to general pondscaping services, Golden Pond Water Plants can create floating islands for your pond to make your garden a truly one-of-a-kind vista for all to enjoy.

Golden Pond Water Plants looks forward to transforming your pond with beautiful aquatic plants and pondscaping services. Please contact us today by calling 916-652-5459 or reach out to us via our web form.